Slowly, slowly…

More things are slowly happening.

I had my passport approved last week!  Yay!  My financial support is starting to add up which I’m so grateful for!  Thank you sooooooooo much to anyone who is partnering with my financially!  Once again, if you’d like to support me in any way, please ask me about it.  I need people to stay in touch with me, to pray for me, to give financially, to pass on messages for me, whatever crops up really!  I really value everyone staying in touch, I’m concerned about feeling isolated and homesick.

I had my psych assessment last week too.  It’s a requirement of the organisation I’m going with, just to make sure I’ll cope overseas.  That all went well.  I think I hid my crazy!  Mostly…

Best case scenario, I leave in 5 or 6 weeks!  I’m waiting on the approval of my visa, and on raising all my financial support, or at least having it pledged by those who want to support me month by month.  Very exciting!  It’s so soon, but I haven’t quite got my head around the timeframe yet, so it hasn’t really sunk in.

Slowly, slowly…


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