I’m attempting to find a job…

Given that things in Tajikistan fell through, I’m now trying to find work closer to home.  The job I was really praying for at IGGS was given to someone else (with many more credentials than I), so I’m back to applying for other jobs.  Given my lack of experience I am loathe to rely on getting a job here in Melbourne, so I’m also applying elsewhere and beyond.  So far I have applied for jobs in both Whyalla (County SA where I have loads of relatives) and Yulara (Uluru, where I lived for 3 months in ’08).  I’d rather stay in Melbourne (where  I have also applied for jobs), but I guess I have no compelling reason to do so, other than preference.  So if I can’t secure a job here, I guess I have to move somewhere else.  I have always wanted to travel and teach, so I guess I’m just stretching that muscle in ways I hadn’t originally intended.  I am excited about my prospects.  I cannot handle another whole year of relief teaching, although it has given me a wide variety of experiences this year, which I am grateful for. I’ll keep you posted on my adventures.


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