I truly loathe packing…

As the title suggests I am not a fan of moving.  I’ve done it a few times in my life and it is NOT my idea of fun.  I have spent the last few days going through everything I own and deciding what to keep.  I am not a sentimental person when it comes to ‘stuff’ so I’ve tried to be a little ruthless.  I’m not being too ruthless though because I’m moving into a house on my own and I’ll need things to fill it with so it doesn’t feel empty and lonely.  But I don’t want to cart too much up there either (given that it’s 330km away!).  I’m now into the boxing things up phase.  Once again, not my idea of fun, but it needs to be done.

I’m very much looking forward to having my own place.  I’ve never lived on my own before and I’m looking forward to the freedom that affords.  I know I might get lonely and bored, but I’m hoping to make friends at work and join a church up there, which is always a great way to meet people.  Hopefully there will be people my own age I can hang out with.  I’ll think I’ll try to find some sort of hobby to get involved with.  I really am excited about moving now!  Although it still hasn’t sunk in how soon it’s all happening (in about 2 and a half weeks).  I think it’ll really sink in once I have a house.

I’m going up to inspect houses next week.  This is my favourite one so far.  http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Rent/Apartment/VIC/Hamilton/?adid=6870957 I’m hoping it looks good on the inside!


One Reply to “I truly loathe packing…”

  1. Having lived both alone and with others, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend one over the other; I think you’ll find there’s advantages and disadvantages to both. Good luck!

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