Well moving day has been postponed.  It was going to be tomorrow, but unfortunately the house in Dunkeld fell through 😦  Stupid landlords have apparently been rejecting every application the real estate agents send them with no explanation!  They’ve been doing it for 2 and a half months.  Weird and very annoying!  Anyway, I’m now hoping to get a unit in Hamilton.  So far I’m the only application for it (probably because it’s not on the internet!), so that is good for me!  It’s also good because there is flooding and road closures all along the route to Hamilton from Melbourne, so I probably couldn’t have moved tomorrow anyway!  Wait, I don’t mean it’s good, it’s horrible!  I mean it’s good I’m not moving tomorrow.  The flooding all over the country is truly horrific.  So much tragedy.  It’s overwhelmingly sad.  Moving day will now be Thursday.  So I have an extra 5 days to get myself organised.  I still loathe packing…


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