I got a place!

Yay!  It’s official!  I have a place to live!  I’ve got a nice unit in Hamilton which I’m happy with.  I’ll be moving this Thursday (20th).  I am truly loathing the packing, but it’ll all be over soon…  My hands are currently covered in newspaper ink.

I’ve organised to have power connected, to have a fridge, washing machine and microwave delivered, and home internet.  Although I will be internetless until Monday.  So I’ll be absent for a few days.  Then I’ll try to post some photos of my new place!

Mum and dad are coming down with me and staying overnight on Thursday to help me move everything.  They haven’t seen my place yet, in fact, I’m the only one who has!  Then I’ll have to unpack and get stuck into work!  I need to figure out what I’ll be teaching!

I’m feeling very excited.  It’s actually feeling real now!  I’m currently blogging in amongst a rather large collection of full boxes.  Joy of all joys!


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