I’m Not A Handy Woman

Today was not exactly how I love spending my time.  I trekked down to Warnambool to pick up my new dining setting.  The problem with that is that it was flat packed.  This means I had to assemble it.  Me.  On my own.  I’ve never done that before.  And anything similar I’ve tried, I’ve been terrible at.  In terms of multiple intelligences, my spacial intelligence is by far the lowest type for me!  This means putting physical things together and reading picture based instructions is not good!  I started putting together the table, and after doing two thirds of it, realised I was doing it wrong.  So I had to pull it all apart and start again.  Not the best start.  I was frustrated that it was so hard, then once I started putting it together properly it was soooooo much easier!  Idiot, I know.  The table was easy to put together, the chairs though…. THEY TOOK FOREVER!  They weren’t hard to put together, but they did take aaaaages!  So after 3 hours (Yes, 3 hours) I ended up with a new dining setting!  I really like it.  And yes, there is a certain amount of pride that goes along with it.  I did this!  And I did it well.  But there is also a certain amount of paranoia that goes along with it, like, is it going to collapse?  What if I did it wrong and I have people over and a chair collapses?  Here’s hoping that never happens!  And now here are the photos.

And then I decided I had earned a drink.  After 3 hours of awfulness.


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