I have just finished my first week with the students, and so far it’s great!  I am truly happy and I seriously love my job!  The staff are really friendly and supportive, and the students are fantastic.  I’m teaching 7, 8, 9, 11 Maths & 8 SOSE.  I’m spending an awful lot of time preparing, but that’s to be expected to begin with.  If it was a school I’d been at last year I wouldn’t have so much work to do because I could have prepared last year, or at least been able to reuse things from last year.  As it is, I am re-writing the curriculum from scratch.  This is mostly because it hasn’t been done properly before.  The things I’ve been given from previous teachers seem like they were written just for them, rather than being able to be understood by someone who didn’t write them!  So it’s really just easier to scrap it and start again.  It’s been indescribably helpful having dad as a maths teacher.  He’s sent me all kinds of resources that have been so helpful!  It’s always harder in the country, you’re always more isolated and have less resources.  I’m not a huge fan of the preparation side of teaching, but it is a necessary evil!

The students started back on Monday and  I think I’ve done a really good job of forming relationships with them so far.  It’s only been a week and I already know almost all their names.  I’ve tried hard to build rapport and be very clear about my expectations and my desire to help them.  I want them to know I’m on their side.  And they seem to like me, so that’s good.  In fact, a number of them have explicitly been telling me so.  Yay!

So in short, I’m seriously very happy.  I didn’t want this job originally simply because of it’s location, but I am so happy I ended up here.  I am truly blessed.  Thank God.


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