That’s The Spirit!

Today was really wonderful.  It could have been exhausting/boring/chaotic/insert another awful descriptor.  You see, today was our swimming carnival.  Given that it’s a small school, pretty much everyone swam, and they swam a lot!  Otherwise the races would have been rather empty!  There were more kids in my year level when I was at school than there are in this entire school!  There was such an amazing atmosphere of team work and encouragement, I was incredibly impressed!  The kids all stood around cheering each other on all day.  They all got dressed up in house colours and really got into the spirit of the whole thing.  But the thing that impressed me the most was how they cheered on the kids who were struggling and coming last.  When a student had finished racing, they joined in the cheering for the people still swimming.  And not only that, but the kids who were way behind and not doing well were cheered on so strongly and loudly by heaps of kids!  It was just beautiful!  Everyone was so strongly encouraged.  At most other schools, the kids not doing so well would be laughed at and excluded.  Probably teased and bullied.  But not here.  I was just so impressed.

I really do have a great job at a great school.


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