Interest Level

It seems like the only interesting thing I’ve ever written about is same sex marriage.  According to my site stats, that one post caused an enormous amount of traffic, and it has since dropped off a lot!

Clearly I’m not as interesting as I’d hoped…


14 Replies to “Interest Level”

  1. It’s not that you’re not interesting, but it seems that where you challenge people’s beliefs or pre/mis-conception, you actually encourage people to think more, challenge their own systems, and challenge yours.

    Maybe look at send your blog out via Ping-o-matic, a WordPress initiative, and continue to write things that encourage us to think about why we think the way we do.

    Personally, I really like what you have to say; I think your nuts, but then, I’m no one to talk (O:


  2. There are a few ways you could get some renewed interest the blog. But one way is most effective.

    A couple of years ago, a friend of mine, on her blog, had a thing called The Boob-a-riffic Files. She would upload photos of celebrities and people would leave comments. As a joke, I gave her a photo of me, and she posted that.
    Well over 1,500 comments later, and a year after the posting, it was still getting comments. Then her site closed down.
    About a year later, her website came back for a few days, while she downloaded it all for safe keeping,. Wouldn’t you know it, another 40 comments appeared.

    It’s just a thought.

      1. Well I’m happy to provide the same photo, and see what kind of replies it gets. Not sure if promotion of my is the objective of your blog though. I think this blog is far more interesting with out the smut.

  3. I found far more relevant, and serious (we’re talking life and death here) your postings on depression, and Capril’s objectives… I had genuinely hoped either you or Capril’s organisers’ would have responded to the (initial?) responses/opinions that we had been invited/solicited to contribute, re. the whole idea around Capril – and its purported aims. How ironic that zilch response only compounds and undermines whole purpose !!

  4. Yeah, you’re not that interesting. You do live in a little hick town in western Victoria, how interesting could you be? 🙂

  5. I really do believe I’m posting stuff that is challenging to people. What is it that I’m not doing to cause people to disengage? That one post on same-sex marriage caused a lot of engagement, and now it’s died off. Is it just that people don’t want to engage with other topics? Or is it the way I’m presenting them?

  6. I seem to be able to generate between 1900-2000 views a month on my blog without any real effort or attempt to even write anything coherant.

    The way I figure it, quality writing will almost always garner a core of followers, merely because what you happen to write is interesting.
    I figure that in the 14 years I’ve been writing blog posts, a good majority have been political and snarky in nature; that’s because that’s what I do best.

    As for people leaving comments, it’s few and far between, but I keep on finding back links to what I’ve written else where.

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