Love Wins

This is powerful.


4 Replies to “Love Wins”

    1. I’ll probably talk about that in more detail in another post, I just wanted to post that video for now.
      But in short I really enjoyed the book. It’s going to take me a while to digest it and mull over what it says. But my initial reaction is that it really resonated with me. There was something about the content that really connected with my spirit. It was intellectually hard because I’ve had a lifetime of being told otherwise.

      I found myself hoping that Rob is right. This makes so much sense to me. I have always struggled with the idea that God creates with the knowledge that his creation will spend eternity in hell. It makes so much more sense to me that he really is restoring all things to himself. I feel like Rob did a good job at showing from Scripture how he has come to these conclusions. This is not just a nice idea he hopes is true, it’s something he has wrestled with and has come up with by studying God’s word.

      Anyway, that’ll do for now.

  1. I recommend reading this article:

    It’s part three of a three part feature, and reading all three would be better, but if you’re pressed for time then this part is the most central.

    Just be sure to really think about why you’ve been told otherwise for your entire life (or more accurately, why what Rob Bell is saying goes against everything we’ve been taught) and be wary of the power of manipulating our understanding of reality with romantic words.

    Really pay attention to his “straw man” depictions of opposing beliefs and his cruel and unflattering analogies that never fairly represent those that disagree with his views on… well, everything.

    1. I just read all 3 parts. I thought they were brilliant.
      BTW how do you know about Mark Sayers? I think he’s incredible. I know him through Forge stuff actually, but haven’t seen him for a few years.
      I agree with almost everything Mark wrote there. However I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, even though I agree with almost all of his ideas. I also think it can be generalising to say that some people think like this, therefore all of those people who think like this do so for the same reasons. I think there is some flawed logic there. Not all people have the same intentions and reasons for believing the same things. Although I totally agree that a significant amount of people fit into what Mark is saying. It is hip to still be Christian, but be on the fringes of it. Some people try to have it both ways. I honestly don’t see myself in that camp, but I see others in it.

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