Are you being raptured?

For those being raptured on May 21st.

By the way, if the Bible says even Jesus doesn’t know when the rapture is going to be, what makes ANYONE think they can work out the date?!  The Bible specifically tells us that NO ONE will know!  It’s rather arrogant isn’t it?


2 Replies to “Are you being raptured?”

  1. I’ve only really heard people jesting about this. I’m yet to encounter anybody, online or off (minus Harold himself) who actually believes that we should even pay it the slightest bit of attention to this.

    I suppose, though, it is inevitable that people will partake in the usual mockery and meanness directed at those not familiar enough with scripture to know that any such prophecies are fruitless and false.

    I imagine most people who take part in such potshots would take delight in having yet another hilarious reason to disregard Christianity or religion in general and not take it seriously.

    Sorry, I guess I have become quite cynical towards this sort of… well, cynical humour. Irony?

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