Basic Jesus

This is excellent.

But it’s only available to watch for free for the next 17 and a half hours (as of 9:30am).


6 Replies to “Basic Jesus”

  1. Love it. Absolutely love it.

    We have so many ministry videos that cover sub-topics and sub-topics of sub-topics… that we can often forget how simple is really is. Crazy-hard, but simple. I look forward to more videos in this series!

    Great find. How’d you find it?

  2. Hey.. I got the 3 DVD’s for my Bday.because Cath knows that I’m a big admirer of Francis Chan. He’s also got heaps of cool stuff on You tube. We’re going to run the 7 week training package of Basic with the Teens at church. Also his books “Crazylove” and “Forgotten God” are awesome.

  3. He’s a freaky dude. He went to Africa and then came home sold his house and bought a smaller one so he could give the money away. All his royalties go to chlid slavery causes and he had a church that started giving away 50% of its budget. It was a church he founded, !6 years ago. It got huge and then he left it to go and work with street people. He’s cool. And what he preaches is congruent with his life.

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