Everything Happens For A Reason

“Everything happens for a reason”


What a rubbish statement.  If you don’t believe in God, that’s insane.  If you do believe in God, that’s insane.

The Bible begins with (and keeps going on about) the fact that the world is fallen.  Sin is real.  While God has the power to rule, he chooses to let us have free will and make our own choices.  This means that everything that happens is not necessarily the will of God.

I have issues with Christians who say ‘It must have been God’s will and we just don’t understand it’.  Utter rubbish*.  Clearly not everything that happens is God’s will.  Otherwise we’d be in heaven.    We have the power to choose.

It’s God’s will that a woman is beaten?  It’s God’s will that a child dies of cancer?  It’s God’s will that a bushfire kills most of a family leaving behind a 12 year old girl?  Of course not.  No thinking person would believe this if they thought through the implications of that initial statement.  The Bible is very clear that not everything that happens on earth is the will of God.  Free will ensures not everything that happens is the will of God.  I’m not sure I need to say much more on the subject.  We live in a fallen world that often doesn’t represent God’s will, and I feel sad when Christians, often out of a sense of frustration and lack of understanding, throw around the phrase, “Everything happens for a reason”.

*Not always I know.  I just hate the way this phrase is thrown around so freely.


4 Replies to “Everything Happens For A Reason”

  1. Yeah I get sick of it too and many times I’ve had to try and clean up a mess left by that statement. If someone who has yet to form their understanding of God is given this statement, especially after a traumatic event they can end up hating God and feeling like life could not possibly hold any rational meaning.

    My father died of a brain tumour, I don’t believe God gave him that tumour, it just happened. God was there in facing that illness and God was there in our relationship. There was so much meaning in watching how my father faced death with such dignity and love. It always rubbed me up the wrong way when well meaning people would offer sympathy or would say that it happened it for a reason. I treasured those that were empathetic and would listen, that would chat and that would try and understand.

    To say everything happens for a reason is lazy and sometimes dangerous. I think the reason is in how we respond to what has happened.

    1. actually…everything does happen for a reason…it’s called cause and effect. To say that God is the cause is lazy. Thousands of children die every day, there’s a reason – God doesn’t make it happen, we of our free will let it happen.

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