Hating on the ACL

There has been a lot of hate directed at the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby) as of late.  If you’re unfamiliar with them, they are a conservative Christian lobby group who seek to influence politics/media/anything really.  The most recent thing being that they successfully halted an ad campaign promoting safe sex, specifically aimed at gay people.  The ad company caved in to pressure and took the ad off the market, then the backlash was even worse, so they reinstated the ad.  I’m not going to comment on the ad itself here, rather on what I’ve noticed in the way the general public has responded to this.

Let me say upfront that as a Christian, the ACL do not often speak for me.  This is not a piece defending or attacking them.  This is a piece pointing out the irony associated with the hate directed at them.

There have been some awful things said about the ACL this week that I’ve read on twitter, on facebook, in newspapers, on blogs and almost anywhere I can think of.  People have called them all sorts of things that I won’t repeat here, but the gist of it is that the ACL are homophobic, self-righteous bigots.  They have been severely criticised for being intolerant and homophobic, and being against a campaign which seeks to educate gay people on being safe whilst having sex.  I agree with the anti-ACL chatter in so far as I don’t think it’s right to stop an education campaign around health issues because you disagree with the practice.  People won’t always do what you want them to, so why not educate them on how to be safe?

Now, regardless of what you think about this issue, surely the response we are seeing is not a helpful one.

The ACL are not some faceless corporation that make decisions which affect us all.  They are a lobby group made up of people, posing one viewpoint that everyone is free to disagree with.  They have no power to affect change unless people listen to them.

Now to the haters:

Do you not see the irony of saying despicable things against people you are accusing of being intolerant?  How is this a logical, rational, reasonable response to anything you disagree with?  Ok, so you think they’re intolerant; why are you now being the exact thing you are saying you hate?  Your hateful response is just the intolerant attitude you are accusing others of.  Why not behave like an adult and speak up against things you disagree with instead of bursting out with a tirade of hate against those you are accusing of being hateful?

Think before you hate.  Because now, you’re a hater, hating on haters.

There are many more productive ways to get your point across.


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