Politics Nerd

In case you don’t know this about me, I’m a massive politics nerd.

I follow Australian (and in part American) politics very closely and I just love it!  I know that most people think politics is beyond boring, but I’m passionate about the fact that it’s not.  I think politics is only boring when it’s presented dryly.  Politics affects the everyday life of every person, it is how we live, what we’re allowed to/obliged to do, our rights, our responsibilities, everything.  Think about countries like Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland.  Politics is everything.

And having given that preamble, I’m going to spend the first week of my holidays in Canberra at parliament house.  I plan on sitting in the gallery of the House of Representatives for pretty much 4 days straight.  I think there will be something very different about being there in person.  I have no doubt it will be beyond frustrating watching the people who run our country behave like children, but I’m really looking forward to it.  I want to feel more connected to our political system, and this is one way of doing it.  I have always lived in a safe labor seat, and now I live in a safe liberal seat, so I feel like my vote has never really made a difference.  I want to be more involved.  I don’t know how to do that, but this is part of the journey for me.  I watch ‘question time’ as often as I can, and I follow everything that goes on in our political scene.  I try to pass on important political information to my friends, hopefully not crossing the threshold of being annoying.

I feel extremely passionate about empowering ‘ordinary Australians’ to get involved in the political process.  It’s called the ‘House of Representatives’ because these elected people are meant to represent their constituents.  But if the constituents don’t pay attention to their representatives, they won’t actually be representing them.  Sure, they might pander to them once every 4 years when elections come around, but it’s all about what happens ALL the time, not just during election season.  Policies are made all the time, bills are passed all the time.  Election promises are fulfilled in the inbetween times.  If people don’t pay attention during those times, then elections are almost irrelevant.

End Rant.

I’m just excited about spending time in Canberra.  And I’m proud to call myself a politics nerd!


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