7 Replies to “NOT OK!”

    1. Not sure. I’m waiting to hear where from. An old lecturer of mine just spent a couple of months lecturing in America and I think he took the photo from a tract he saw there.

  1. When I first saw it, I hadn’t read the writing under the pictures, just the bit about the circle. I then wondered why the circle had been drawn next to the baby. I guess it’s just a ball, no wonder it didn’t make sense

  2. Perhaps babtised baby is post rapture ? Note also that the plant isn’t nice pretty/scented, but sharp/menacing… Web says it’s Irish/Catholic. Hard to determine whether the ‘z’ spelling makes it American or not. Either way, if it’s a seeing-eye-dog then it should at least be sharing the u/b baby’s step.

  3. The answer is to circle EVERYTHING.

    Colossians 1:16-17 has the reason why. If “in him all things hold together” then it follows that God is continuously active. Since “love” is more a verb than a noun because it requires action, then because creation continues to hold together because God is holding it together, then His love is being demonstrated through that action.

    This picture comes from “Christ’s Life In Us” published by CJ Fallon, 1971. It appears to be from the Catholic Church in Ireland.

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