Class Blog

This week I created a class blog for my Year 8 SOSE class.  HERE it is.  I’m really keen to help them connect outside of class time, and to be able to show off their work to family and friends.  At the moment we’re working on creating digital story books HERE about Mount Everest, and I’ll pick the best ones to put on the website.  I’m excited that the kids are excited about this!  I love how creative they’re all being and how into it they are.  This also encourages them to do their best rather than just handing in something half hearted because they know other people will see it on the website!  Plus this class gets a bit competitive.  In a good way thankfully!

I’m really enjoying putting all of these creative technology based ideas into practice after the conference I’ve just been at.

I’ve got my year 7’s at the moment creating video’s explaining something they learnt in the current topic on Measurement.  I’ve told them I’ll use these videos to show next year’s year 7’s and they were rather excited about that.  I’m going to do the same thing with my year 11’s next week.  The good thing about this is that explaining something to someone else helps you understand it better, so it’s a great teaching technique as well as something fun and creative!

I’m very much enjoying my job at the moment!


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