Write to the PM

I just emailed our Prime Minister.  If you are interested in the asylum seeker debate, I suggest you do the same.  It’s no good disagreeing if you don’t act.  HERE is where you can email our PM.  Feel free to use my message, or write your own.  Here is what I wrote:

I am writing to let you know that I am against off shore processing.  It is not illegal to seek asylum, and in fact it is illegal to turn away those who are seeking asylum.  I agree that we need to put the people smugglers out of business because they are taking advantage of desperate people, but in doing so we should not punish the desperate.  They need our help and the only decent, human thing to do is offer any help we can.  I am ashamed of the way our country is currently dealing with desperate, helpless and vulnerable people.  Please be more reasonable, compassionate and empathetic.  We must treat all humans with dignity, as we would want others to do for us.


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