Today was the first day back at work, although there were no students.  We had a PD (professional development) on the use of IT in education.  Whilst I feel like I’m fairly au fait with the whole IT thing, there are always new things to learn and find out about.  I found a few new fun things today that I’m sure half of you have already seen.

The first thing I’ll show you is prezi.  I’ve seen it used a few times before, but no one has ever told me what software creates it!  THIS is a prezi I made about my holidays.  A very cool site that helps you make fun, interactive presentations.

This is a stupid, short, stop animation I made using Jellycam.  It would have been better if I’d taken more than 2 minutes to make it and put in more frames… but you get the point.

This is a newspaper clipping made HERE.  Lots of fun that I’ll use with my year 8 SOSE class.  Here is one I made about my lovely brother!

I also ran a short session on how I’m using IT in my classroom.  I talked about my YouTube account and my Twitter account and the maths Facebook group that I run.  The philosophy behind all these things is that I want to give my students all the support I can.  The idea is for them to have access to me 24/7, even when I’m not there.  The YouTube vids are a way for my students to be able to access my teaching without my needing to be physically present.  This way they can watch anything they’ve forgotten or simply didn’t understand as many times as they like.  There are some students that feel embarrassed asking for help, or don’t want to ask for a third or fourth time, even though they haven’t understood it yet.  This will hopefully get around that coz they can watch the videos as often as they like without feeling embarrassed.  It’s like having your own private tutor, or at least something sort of like it.

And the idea of the Twitter and Facebook feeds is so I can disseminate information easily.  As is THIS new thing.  It’s a hub of all things Miss Orrin.

Everything is meant to be interconnected, and using the web a great, easy way for students to access everything they need to be successful.  If anyone has any new ideas I’m always open to them!  Please share!


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