And while I know this guy is an A grade tool who is not worth my time and emotional energy, he is ludicrously popular and he represents so many ignorant morons who think and say the same thing.  GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

And he has no substance to back up anything he says.  He just yells rudely for a while and doesn’t actually make any points.  What a jerk off.


5 Replies to “GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

  1. Aside from him speaking over “Cheryl” and his tone i think his arguement bears some serious discussion. Cheryl- ” if i counted how many weeks holiday where i didn’t take work home…”, me too, only i only get 4 of them. and i still take work home.

    should teachers have more resources to ‘teach’ children? Yes!
    should students have the best trained teachers in the world? Yes!
    Should teachers be paid more? Yes, if they earn it.

  2. um i agreed with “GGGGAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” what a knob!
    also he is yelling at her, not her yelling at him! oooohhh im so mad!!!!
    at least she says “excuse me” and uses her manners, not like him. OMG OMG that guys is seriously rude.
    i still didn’t get his point either!! except we get holidays and apparently dont work at home,

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