What Was Jesus On About?


5 Replies to “What Was Jesus On About?”

  1. Thanks Megan.
    I struggle with the idea that we “should support this or that” but my thing is can I make this argument? standing in front of a person who can’t feed their kids.or someone in prison. Truth is universal.When all of the basic needs are met for everyone then we can can argue about Church “styles” and the “Emerging ” church. Sexuality, Money,etc etc….The arguments have no legitimacy unless EVERYONE cxan have a say. At this stage there is a lot of people missing. THY KINGDOM COME.

    1. I think I understand what you mean and I agree. Although discussion is valid, even at this point everyone isn’t able to have their say because of circumstances. I think its’ valuable to keep having these conversations even when there is still so much work to be done! But talking shouldn’t take the place of acting. I think this is what you’re saying though 🙂

  2. it was exactly near to definition of humanity.. Cos jesus though is god, but tuk birth of a human nd excepted all sufferings as a human. And only jesus can give d heal of all sufferings.. Also jesus itself is a perfect definition of all religions n their healings to d mankind.. Thank you sir..

  3. Again Thanks Megan.
    Discussion is clarifying. It’s ok that discussion takes place but it is also helpful to know that we( the western church) don’t have ALL of HIS truth. And we won’t till everyone is in the tent. So any concusions “we” come to should be held loosely and not become something “we” nail ourselves to. Let’s get them in the tent and then the discussions and relevations will be truly world changing. Cheers.

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