Depressingly True

This is depressingly true.  I think this is what the ‘occupy’ movement is meant to be about, even if not everyone who is a part of it, is there for this idea.  This is my understand of the origin of the protests.  The 1% are dodgy.  Seriously.  I am not ok with the imbalance of world wide wealth.  And if you are, I challenge you to think about why you’re ok with it, and how you would feel if you were born in Uganda/Ghana/China/Sudan/Tajikistan/Niger/India (or insert the name of most countries in the world).


2 Replies to “Depressingly True”

  1. How this for a handy calculator:

    I don’t know exactly how accurate this calculator is but I could well believe it.

    I live in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, in a fibro house. The roof does leak a bit, the sink drips (because the landlord is lazy) and there are two electric outlets in the house which don’t work (again because the landlord is lazy.
    I have a roof over my head, I sleep in a warm bed, I have running water which is clean and meets health and safety standards, I have adequate employment (although I wish I was better paid), I have a car and I ate three meals today.

    I easily outspend 99.06% of the world. More than half the world has an annual income of only $850 a year; I make more than that in a week.

    I am the 1%.

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