Recently I was having a chat to some people about a number of things and I ended up feeling a bit sad.  While we were talking about religion and rituals the conversation was flowing and fine, but when I started to talk about the particulars, about doctrines that caused division, about forgiveness and inclusion, and about the different ways people live out their faith, I felt really shut down by a few people.  It was like it was ok to talk about rituals and the stuff of religion, but as soon as we got into actual theology and day to day life it was all too much, too deep and uncomfortable.

I just felt a bit sad that it wasn’t ok to talk about the things that actually matter, rather than just surface things.  It disappointed me that it wasn’t ok to get into matters of theology and practical living, particularly with other Christians.  I felt very shut down and disheartened.

I know this is a bit vague, but that is on purpose so as not to name anyone.


2 Replies to “Discussion”

  1. what’s the significance of the image megan?

    Just the opposite for me, yesterday I had a discussion with 2 fellow christians, we get together to hang out with purpose. We support, encourage and challenge eachother on issues of spirituality, relationships and day to day living. One of the things we discussed was how you can only really speak into someone’s world in a challenging way that they will accept if there is trust, if there is a relationship. Did the people you were speaking with perhaps feel insecure about their faith, not know you very well, or were taken by surprise – sideswiped with the topics, was it not the place and time? Maybe you need to structure the conversation so that everyone knows the purpose is to go deep, maybe you need to build stronger relationships, maybe you need to find people who will listen.

    I’ll listen…what ideas were shot down?

  2. The image means nothing, just found it on google and thought it was pretty 🙂
    As for our conversation, I wasn’t bringing things up out of the blue, it was the topic of conversation. I guess I didn’t realise the rest of them (or at least most of the rest of them) weren’t up for a conversation about the topics that weren’t at a surface level. And I do know all these people, but I guess I’ve only been here for 10 months. But I suspect they’re not up for talking about this stuff at all, I’m not sure I was the problem.
    As for the ideas, they in themselves aren’t the issue, it was more that we weren’t able to talk about things of substance that saddened me.

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