Discrimination is discrimination.  If you afford some people a legal right and deny others the same right, it is discrimination, pure and simple.  The whole point of a free and democratic society is that my values don’t impact on your choices.  Let’s say for arguments sake that I disagree with the idea of same sex marriage, the whole point of our freedom is that my beliefs don’t determine your ability to choose for yourself.

I know I’ve said this before, but I feel the need to say it again after the Labor National Conference.  The issue has flared up again.  It makes me sad and angry that people think they have the right to dictate how others should live their lives.  I wouldn’t want our legal system to mandate that I follow Islamic law, because I don’t subscribe to Islam.  Therefore why on earth do (some) Christians (and I know there are non Christians in this category too) in this country feel that they should tell others, who aren’t subscribing to Christianity how they ought to choose.  I feel it’s wrong, and it’s actually the opposite of what Jesus was on about.  When people walked away from him, he let them.  He never forced anyone to do anything, he let them choose.  If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for me.

Give people the legal right to make their own choices and not feel like second class citizens.  Discrimination on any other basis would be abhorrent, so why isn’t this?


2 Replies to “Discrimination”

  1. In a democracy we have every right to stand up and say what we believe is right and wrong. It is in fact the very basis by which law exists. You might not want our legal system to mandate that but follow Islamic law but if you were in an Islamic society you’d have no choice because that is the law. A democracy gives the citizenry the right and duty to have a say on law. I see no reason why Christians should be standing up for a law which effectively says that the state endorses sin through operation of law.

    Jesus very much did make judgements and rebuked people. When he spoke to the woman at the well in John 8 his parting words were “go, and sin no more”. If we do nothing and say nothing we are in fact negligent (see Ezekiel 33:8). If we fail to speak boldly against sin, then we have lost our saltiness and deserve to be thrown out.

    If you redefine what a marriage is (remember that is what you do by operation in the law), does the state then by inference have the right to define other sorts of things?
    When the introduction of “no-fault divorce” happened under Justice Murphy and the law was changed in 1975, the divorce rate almost trebled within 18 months. If you wish to argue to change something, then surely there has to be a positive utility for doing so, can this be proven?

    Discrimination exists in lots of facets of the law. People can not marry minors, or have more than one spouse. People under the age of 18 are under all sorts of legal restrictions and caveats.
    The law isn’t simply something which gives permission either, it is the instrument by which the standards of society are set.

    What do you see as the highest and best purpose of the law?

  2. Madam.. read and felt happy.. i respect your feelings “for equality for everyone..” But madam their is a bit of contradiction, Right for everyone is,”what government determines or a Race..? It depends on a factor whether a race is a govt or govt is racial. Well in the second case you can change it. But if you change the racial govt, then what happens to the race which are biased and are in govt.? Madam their are so many aspects, if considered will have no solution. Only thing we can expect, you, me and everybody and the educated world to educate others those who are suppressed and are feeling the heat of suppression………. Congratulations madam that JESUS is residing in your heart and crying for the SUPPRESSED.


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