The Year Is Done

As of Monday (yesterday) my teaching year is over.  We had our presentation night last night and that’s it for me and the students for 2011.  My final staff day is on Thursday, but the kids are done.  Now to get tidying up this year and planning for next!

I had a really fantastic year.  It obviously turned out very differently to what I originally thought this year was going to be, but it has been a positive time for me.  At times I have missed my family and friends and having a build up social network, but thankfully I get back to Melbourne often enough so that I don’t miss people too much.

I have truly loved my job this year.  Obviously no school is perfect, but I really have loved my job.  I have very much enjoyed getting to know my students and seeing them grow and achieve, both academically and personally.  I can’t imagine a more rewarding profession.  I’m really looking forward to next year!

But for now, bring on the Christmas break!


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