Carols are awesome.


Christmas is a fantastic time, and if you don’t think so, bah humbug to you too!  Actually, scrap that.  I’m going to tie you down, sing carols at you and cover you in glitter and tinsel UNTIL YOU LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Tonight was our carols service at church, and this is a photo of it before it filled up.  Yes, we have a music bowl in the beautiful greenery of Eltham.  It was lots of fun and rather impressive.  Lots of great music and great people.  I miss my church.

This is the first year that I haven’t been involved in any carols service of any kind.  I only just realised that this afternoon.  It makes me sad.  I love carols and I feel a bit weird that I haven’t been a part of anything this year.  I guess living somewhere else has broken my networks.  Although I was meant to play at a carols service in Hamilton but ended up being double booked.  I tried to make up for it tonight by singing my heart out!

We even had a live painting!  It was very impressive.  What you can see is part way through.  It was a desert land, all brown, then a cross was painted on top of one of the hills and the sun started shining through and all the hills started being painted green and the dry, cracked river bed had water flowing through it.  It was really fantastic!  I wish I’d taken a photo of it at the end.

Christmas is a wonderful time of family, friends, fun, food, fellowship and alliteration.  And most importantly it is a time to remember that Jesus gave us the greatest gift of all, himself, and a relationship with him.  Not one of condemnation and rules, but of grace and forgiveness.  We get to live in that truth and freedom!

I’d like to recommend you listen to the talk at our church this morning.  It’s free on iTunes.  Whether you’re a usual church goer or not, it’s really worth a listen.  I’m always amazed how the Christmas message can be repackaged year after year!  It’s the Dec 18th podcast HERE.


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