Australia Day


I adore this country.  We are so lucky.  But we are so far from perfect and being without problems.  I am wordlessly grateful to live in this country, but I hate the racism and simplistic idiocy that goes with Australia Day.  I cannot put my argument better than just posting this  status from a friend on Facebook:

“F*&K this!!! Why the F*&K are people putting up these messages questioning the greatness of this F*&king brilliant land of ours?  If you don’t like Australia just the way it is, then F*&K OFF OUTTA HERE!!! This is the best country in the world.”

My response: “Seriously [redacted name].  Don’t say s*&t like that.  It’s simplistic and ridiculous.  No one is questioning the amazingness of living in a place like this.  But there are many things that are problematic with our country.  We are not perfect.  I am grateful I live in such an amazing place which I truly appreciate, but we are far from perfect.”

I didn’t know how to write more without getting into a debate which I clearly can’t win.  Sigh…


2 Replies to “Australia Day”

  1. I was finding it difficult to pin down how I felt about Australia and Australia Day. Didn’t feel like celebrating because even at a time when many people were receiving their citizenship, many more were stuck in detention centres being dehumaised and not knowing if they’d ever be free. This was being done in Australia’s name on Australian soil. Then there were those marching in the south of my state shouting ‘we will not celebrate on invasion day.’ Then there are the exuberantly patriotic that drape themselves in the union jack and southern cross, some that belong to the f off we’re full brigade or the if you don’t see it as we do then you’re unaustralian camp. So far from being a perfect nation I holed up with some cider and watched some cricket and tennis. But it was bugging me cos I didn’t feel now about Australia Day as I did when I was young and yet in so many ways we have so much to be thankful for. On certain issues I reckon we are the best country in the world and that deserves celebration. So I penned a blog:

    (I hope you don’t mind me promoting my blog on your blog Megski but I think it sums up the sort of direction we need to head in to get to where their wont be any more bitching, hopefully.)

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