Well that’s it, I’m 30.  It’s a real psychological milestone.  I think 29 is the perfect age.  You’re old enough to be taken seriously, to be treated like an adult, to have a career etc, but you’re still young.  Being in your 30s comes with more expectations than being in your 20s.  And I know things like that only matter as you let them, but it really is a jump in my mindset.

Today was a great day.  Unfortunately I’m a little bit sick at the moment so I don’t feel 100%, but my students were awesome today.  I had 2 sets of cupcakes and 2 cakes made for me!  How lovely!  And at lunchtime the year 12s threw me a surprise party.  They’re extremely awesome and I am very lucky!

I’ll be going out to dinner with some friends tonight, and later on I’ll have a party in Melbourne to celebrate with those I love I don’t get to see as often any more.

Thank you to everyone who called, sent messages, sent cards, etc.  You’re all wonderful and I’m blessed to have you in my life.

And here is the best cake ever!  Thanks to Alice, Kayla and Helen for this amazing creation!!!


4 Replies to “30”

  1. Sorry I missed your birthday but I’ve had a lot on my mind lately…for instance, remember on “Gilligan’s Island” how Mary Ann was always baking coconut cream pies for the Skipper and Gilligan? How was that possible?? I can buy the fact coconuts were accessible, sure, but where did she get the cream?! I mean, did you ever see any COWS on the island?? No Way! And another thing………
    (courtesy Panache cards)

    30 eh? You’re just a spring chicken sweetie, the best is yet to come. What a great bunch of students, certainly would’ve added to the celebration of the day.

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