Beware Of Kogan

I bought this TV from Kogan recently.  It was for my 30th birthday and I bought with money from relatives.

This is a post to warn you against Kogan.

The tv looks great, the picture is brilliant, but the sound is utter rubbish.  It sounds like it’s coming through a telephone.  The sound is beyond average and completely unacceptable.  I sent an email to them asking if there was a problem with my tv or if there was anything I could do about it and this is the reply I got.

What a nonsense reply.  There are countless LED tv’s with fantastic sound.  I bought some external speakers which are good, but the fact that I had to is not ok with me.  And the sound still distorts on a regular basis because the original quality can only be made so good with external help.  Pathetic.

Anyway, beware of Kogan.


2 Replies to “Beware Of Kogan”

  1. I don’t agree with that. Over the summer I had to replace my TV and bought a Panasonic Viera. The speakers on that are pretty good. I think Kogan cuts corners on parts to bring their costs down.

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