Environmental Hippyism

I often get accused of looking like a greeny hippy.  Yes, I dress alternatively.  That doesn’t mean you get to assume who I am, what I think and what my political persuasions are.  Don’t judge me.

I will not (In any foreseeable future.  Although I would be open to persuasion if things change, as any thinking person should be) vote for the Greens.  They have some good ideas, but their primary concern seems to be for the environment over people.  We can’t balance the two?  Industry matters too.  These are people’s jobs and livelihoods.  I’m not saying kill the planet for industry, not even a little.  I think we must preserve the one planet we have, but we must also look at how doing that might throw thousands out of work.  That is also unacceptable.  Industry matters.  Transitions (sometimes slow one) are vital.

The issue is that those who run our industries are concerned with the dollar and little else.  Yes, this is a generalisation, but a generally accurate one.  I would love to be wrong, believe me.  But I’m not.  There might be one or two exceptions.

One or two.

I get sad that our society values short term dollars over long term sustainability.  What about our kids?  Our grandkids?  Grow up and stop being so selfish.  There is a reason the Bible says that the root of all evil is the love of money.

I feel desperately sad for Clive Palmer & Gina Rinehart.  They appear to spend almost all their time protecting their money and trying to get more.  What a life… No more need be said.

Then there is greeny hipster mentality…

We must save the planet at all costs.  Screw the man, let’s save the planet from the grass roots.  While I love grass roots movements, I think this won’t work for environmentalism.  We’ve had it for decades.  What has it done?

I can do what I like and it makes no difference to the planet, and so can everyone!


Ok, so I’m being facetious.  But really, our seemingly insurmountable problem is industry.  If we all did ‘perfect’ things for the environment for the rest of our lives it wouldn’t fix anything.  It wouldn’t decrease the problems we’re creating now.  It’s all about industry and the fact that they are responsible for 80% (being generous based on stats I’ve read) of our emissions.

It’s not a problem we can fix as individuals.  It must be regulated by the government (all over the world).  No industry is going to do less cost effective things to ‘fix’ carbon emissions.  Industry works based on profits.  That’s how business operates!  Therefore we need to help them change through regulation.  I know it’s not ideal, and there are countless small companies who may suffer, but it can’t be made to be the responsibility of households.

Ad campaigns that tell us to change our ways are a HUGE waste of money and they make us feel insanely guilty when we contribute insanely little!


Seriously, how can anyone argue any other way with credible evidence?  If you can, please do.

Individuals contribute less than negligible amounts.  We must change the way industry functions!



4 Replies to “Environmental Hippyism”

  1. Somebody got riled up something? The Greens want to take my job away (Chaplain) but I still thank God for them because for me on the issues that matter and that they can make a difference with their values reflect what I believe in more than the other parties. I reckon they’ve come a long way from focussing only on the environment and without them would there even be the hint of changing the way industry functions. More power to them I say…just not total power.

    1. I think it’s good to have them around to push important issues into the public debate. However, I don’t want them having the balance of power. I think the Greens are a healthy part of our political system, as they make for a wider group of ideas to draw from and discuss. I’d never want them governing though. Not that they can because they’re not a major party, but you get my point.

  2. Speaking of the Greens, I just wrote a blog posting about Bob Brown’s recent oration in which he repeated his calls for the formation of a global parliament, I respectfully disagree with this idea.

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