Whilst this can be a  criticism of all denominations, it seems to be particularly true of the Catholic church, given their vast wealth.  I’m not sure that’s what Jesus had in mind.  Seriously.  And before you react defensively, think about whether you want to react that way because you feel offended, or because you honestly believe that’s what Jesus was on about.  He was homeless and refused all means of acquiring wealth.  I also think I need to hear some criticism of this in my personal life.  Not that I’m rich.  Very, very far from it.  But we all ought to think about our own lives and how this may apply.  The fact that I have an immense DVD collection and others are dying of starvation is just wrong.  I am wrong.


2 Replies to “Yup”

  1. I’d find it hard to beleive that those at the top of the [insert denomonation] church think that the above picture is right. Their defence might be “it’s history, it’s institution, it was already here, etc” Institution is a great way of gathering and then perpetuating support which helps further your cause – by way of raising cash for charity works, which clearly does happen. Assets are the basis of large organisations surviving the highs and lows. If I don’t beleive governments should sell of their assets, then I’m not confident that I should insist on the church doing it.

    I wonder what that chair could buy for the community the child lives in… 100 houses ? 1000 houses ? How many million people could it vacinate ? Thing is, if you literally gave that chair to that child right now, I’m certain nothing would actually change. Because it’s not just the church that mis/uses assets.

    Poor desicion making is beyond class or culture, organisation or state. I’m not sure how I can change that.

    1. I passionately disagree with that. I agree that I don’t think denominations think about this issue so explicitly. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. And yeah, if that house could but 100 children homes, go for it. Do it! Isn’t that better than having a chair! I doubt Jesus would argue that they chair is better.

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