Depressing topic, yes.

Valuable thing to think about, yes.

I went to my second Non-Christian funeral today.

It was a beautiful celebration of life for a man who was loved and contributed a lot to the world.  He was an unbelievable musician who inspired countless people.  I only knew him for a year, and I didn’t know him well, but he was a good man who was humble and cared about others.  Ken James was an incredibly accomplished musician who will not be forgotten.

I spent most of the funeral feeling desperately sad.  I have heard Richard Dawkins criticize religious people for being discontent with the beauty of this life.  In part, I agree with that.  This life is something to be celebrated, and if you aren’t content with the beauty of this life, then you are missing a significant part of God’s design for us.  This life is meant to be appreciated and enjoyed.

What makes me sad about Non-Christian funerals is the finality of the whole thing.  Yes, a celebration of life is correct, but there is more.  We have hope.  Life is beautiful, but there is more than just our temporary experience.  We get to hang out forever, enjoying the best life has to offer (with each other and with God).  It will be better than we could ever imagine!  God created us, so he knows how we should operate, he knows what is best for us.  That will be what we get to do forever!  Now, we have a tiny taste of that.  What we enjoy more than anything will be enjoyed 100 fold (and more) in eternity.  This is not even a shadow of what it could (will) be.

There is more.  Life is great, but there is more.  I want to see you all, always.  Please let me.  We all get a choice.

God lets us all choose.  If we want to spend eternity with him, we get to, if we choose against it, he lets us.

People complain about the fact that God sends people to hell.  It’s not like that.  He gives us a choice.  If we choose him, then he honours that.  If we don’t, he allows us to reject him.  It’s not his preference, but he honours our choice.

Please choose God.  I want to spend eternity with all of you.  So does God.  Choose him.

Please talk to me about this more if you want to.  I really want to talk to you about this.


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