Mad As Hell

If you haven’t been watching Shaun Micallef’s new show ‘Mad As Hell’ you are missing out on amazing awesomeness.  This show is not just hilariously wonderful, but incredibly clever, relevant, and just plain genius.  It’s an Aussie version of The Colbert Report & The Daily Show, but with an Aussie flavour that is only attributable to Micallef.

It’s filmed a couple of days before airing to ensure it’s up-to-dateness and has a pretty good supporting cast, although (unfortunately for them) in the shadow of Micallef no one really looks brilliant.

I think this show (after only 2 episodes) is really finding it’s feet, incorporating sketches, monologues, news satire and serious interviews (much like Colbert & Stewart).  It’s not like Micallef is new to the scene, so he has found his stride very quickly.

If you aren’t watching this, you seriously need to check it out.  I can’t praise it enough!  It’s just so smart, and sadly that is rare in the Australian television landscape.

You can find it on iview HERE.


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