I can’t imagine that this is Jesus’ top priority.  I am saddened.  Imagine the good that could be being done with these resources!


2 Replies to “ACL”

  1. Wow, I had a bit of a dig at the ACL recently in a letter to a local church that invited me to a webcast put on by the ACL about the marriage issue. I accused the ACL (out of my own experience) as mostly only being at war with homosexuality and not actually standing up for the issues that you’d imagine that Christians could (or should) carre about and be able to agree upon. I had it in the back of my mind that maybe they do lots of other really good stuff that i hadn’t come into contact with and was accusing them unjustly. Nice to be justified (smug face) but still not nice at all that this is the reality of the lobby group with the name that suggests they represent all of Christianity. I still feel we need an Anti Christian Lobby Christian Lobby to address the balance.

    1. Everyone has the right to think what they like, and I get that some people disagree with the idea of gay marriage. However, for an organisation who profess to represent Christianity to spend so much of their resources on this topic is just so far from balanced it’s not funny. It makes me angry and sad.

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