Education Is A Must

Dear Governments,

When you offer teachers a pay rise that is less than the inflation rate, you are advertising to the world the value you place on education.  The nations that are most successful and have the least social issues are the ones that invest the most in education.  How have we not learnt?  Why are we not acting?

Do not say you value education and then not invest your resources in it.  We will grow as we are educated.  I do not mean we all need to be academics, but we do need to be educated in our fields, as well as in general life skills.  We need to be taught the art of problem solving, the art of discussion, and how to think for ourselves and anaylse the information we are bombarded with every day.

This is my life’s passion.  Let me do my job, resource me.  Resource the next generation.  Do not promise us the world and give us platitudes.

I am speaking to you Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Peter Garrett, Christopher Pyne & Ted Baillieu.  Do not give us empty words.  Help us help others.  Do not fail those still growing up and frustrate those who give their lives to teach.


2 Replies to “Education Is A Must”

  1. Where one’s treasure is, there also one’s heart lies.

    It is obviously that successive governments both at State and Federal level do not value public education despite the rather obvious payoff that improving the value and quality of education improves the future quality and therefore productivity of the workforce.

    There are two issues here:
    1. Although investing in better education is to everyone’s future benefit, it causes an expense on current accounts. Since all polticians are blighted with an exceptionally myopic view of the world, they’re more concerned with their own jobs, than people who do not yet have the right to vote.
    2. It could actually be that the people who really run the country (ie business people) want stupider people because they’ll complain less when they realise that they can’t demand higher wages.

    When you offer teachers a pay rise that is less than the inflation rate, you do advertise to the world the value you place on education, and that value sadly that both sides of the political divide place on education is falling.

    A pox on both their houses.

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