Don’t Tell The Bride

What a concept.  Talk about making men look like bogan, thoughtless, moronic idiots. In case you’re confused, it’s a new tv show about to start on channel 10. The show is basically the groom organising the entire wedding and the bride has no say.  And not just that, she doesn’t know about any of the details until the actual day.  Any of it. Forget the show itself (it hasn’t even aired yet, but the ads show enough), the premise of the show is desperately sad.  Women know how to do things.  Men do not.  If they’re smart they listen to women and keep the peace.  We know better because as much as we love them, they’re all stupid, simple, have no taste & need to be told what to do. Really?  If that’s what I really thought about men, I’d be a lesbian. Who wants a spouse who is an idiot that you have to tell what to do all the time (I know some people do, but that is messed up)?  I want an equal partner, not a naughty child.  And that’s not even how I’d treat a child.  But that’s a completely different rant. If you treat your man like an idiot child who needs controlling, then you have a seriously unhealthy relationship.  You need to change yourself, as does your man.  Change himself I mean… Why do we even have this stereotype that men are idiots?  Advertising is almost based on this concept!  Is it because women are controlling bitches, or because men are moronic idiots?  Or is it both?  I mean, this comes from somewhere right?  I think both sexes are at fault, but hopefully it’s mainly the marketing industry.  This is not a blame rant, but a sad commentary rant.  Men are not generally idiots.  Women are not generally controlling, know-it-all bitches.  I don’t know how to respond to this whole idea, but it’s bafflingly stupid.  As are the creators of the show, the stars of it (unless they’re self aware and trying to get a free wedding, then rock on, abuse the system!), and the viewers who buy into the concept.


5 Replies to “Don’t Tell The Bride”

  1. The institution of marriage is being sullied by a reality tv show! (I probably should have said that in shouty capital letters). Free wedding or not I find it hard to grasp why people embarking on a life together and having that commitment culminate in what is meant to be a very special ceremony, cheapen that experience by selling their day to shitty tv producers.

    1. Maybe it’s a form of protest against the excessive attention & $$$$ put towards the day of the wedding, which kinda doesn’t have a lot to do with the institution of marriage these days. Or maybe that’s getting too deep.

    2. but hey, each to their own. I wont be watching it. Is it just me or are they making more and more trashy programs that we’re meant to pour our scorn and derision on so we can feel superior? I wonder what affect all of this hate watching will have.

  2. Good call Megan! This kind of marketing perpetuates male and female stereotypes that create rifts between the sexes in society. Having said that, if it happens to be on one night, I may just watch it…though I probably shouldn’t admit that.

  3. I’m pretty sure the whole “men being portrayed as dumb” habit in media is a knee-jerk reversal to the blatant sexism against women in the media for so many years.

    It’s a little like racism in the US. Wanna make fun of white guys? Most white people will just accept it out of guilt for past racism against African-Americans, like they deserve it or a debt of some sort needs to be paid off.

    Even male writers do the “woman smart, man dumb” routine just because it’s non-confrontational. It’s a socially accepted negative stereotype. If you make a woman anything less than smart, strong and independent you can feel the dirty looks.

    But that’s coming from a writer’s perspective… frankly I despise the stereotype. Men need role models, not this garbage.

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