This is a fascinating TED talk on cancer from one of the world’s leading specialists, Dr. Glenn Begley.  He’s an old family friend.  My dad used to go out with his wife actually!

This is really insightful and worth watching, however it’s also incredibly scary.  It gave me a whole new understanding of cancer and how it works.


One Reply to “Cancer”

  1. Gosh.
    I didn’t realise what remission really means.
    And I didn’t realise how slow the cancer process is.
    And I didn’t realise that part of the issue is that cancer cells never die, while normal cells do.
    And I didn’t realise the immense risk increase from 50s through 80s.
    Cancer is horrible. Makes it hard to see how there will ever be a cure for such a complex thing. Thank goodness for the various treatments and the outcomes nowdays. But still.

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