The last 2 months have been an emotional roller coaster.  On September 9 my Nanna (Mum’s mum) passed away.  She died peacefully in her sleep after being diagnosed with the last stages of cancer 7 weeks earlier.  Thankfully before she died, my family & I spent a week in Whyalla, SA (where she lived) just being with her and ending our time together.  It was a truly fantastic way to end our relationship.  We got to say all the things we needed to say and feel good about it.  It was incredibly hard, as anything like that is, but it was beautiful.  It was truly good.

Having spent my whole life living interstate from my Nanna, she’s never been an everyday part of my life, but she has been an important part.  We’ve been close, in the way that you can be close to someone who lives far away.

One of the things I can definitely say about my Nanna is that she passionately loved God.  She always stood unwaveringly on the foundation of Jesus’ love for her.  This was a beautiful thing that she shared with everyone around her.  Her passion for God was deeply rooted and pervaded her entire inner life.  I am grateful for the example in my life of a woman who praised God through thick and thin.  Even as she was dying she never stopped praising God and being faithful to him.

I love that she presented a happy face to the world.  As everyone, she had her moments, but I hardly ever saw her when she wasn’t joyful or settled.  That is something we can all learn from.  Joy is a better option, even when it doesn’t feel like it.  It helps both you, and those around you.  Focus on the positives as much as possible.  This doesn’t mean deny the bad in life, but look for the good.  Focus on others and the positives in them, and all of a sudden your own issues seem less important.

I will remember Nanna’s constant smile, her love for God and her acceptance of others.  I will remember her as she was, and thank God for her life.  I am grateful that she had time to end her life well, but that she didn’t have to suffer for long.  In all this, I know that I will see her again.  I will miss her now, but it will not last.  One day we’ll get to hang out again, and that day will be awesome 🙂


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