I present without comment:


‎”I have no authority from the Word of God to judge those that are without [outside]. Nor do I perceive that any man living has a right to sentence all the heathen and Mahometan [Islamic] world to damnation. It is far better to leave them to him that made them, and who is, ‘the Father of the spirits of all flesh;’ who is the God of the heathens as well as the Christians, and who hateth nothing that he hath made…I believe the merciful God regards the lives and tempers of men more than their ideas. I believe he respects the goodness of the heart rather than the clearness of their heads and that if the heart of man be filled…with the humble, gentle patient love of God and man, God will not cast him into everlasting fire…because his ideas are not clear, or because his conceptions are confused. Without holiness, I own, no man shall see the Lord; but I dare not add, or clear ideas.” – John Wesley, “On Living without God” (1790).


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