Living Alone

This past 1.8 years I’ve been living alone.  This is the first time I’ve ever lived all by myself.  Previously I’ve lived either with my family or in share houses.  I must say that I’ve really enjoyed it.  It’s great having the freedom to do whatever I please and not having to consider anyone else.  I can make as much noise as I like, invite people around whenever I like, never shut doors, wander around wearing whatever I please, eat whatever I feel like, etc.  And by these vagaries I mean walking around in your underwear, drinking juice straight from the bottle, yelling at the tv, talking to the kettle, not cleaning up after yourself, taking up the entire couch, etc.

Some people have asked if it’s lonely, but it’s not.  Because my job requires me to be around someone almost all of the time, it’s fine to go home to an empty house and get some down time.  Plus, I’m out 4 or 5 nights of the week with others anyway.

For some helpful and entertaining tips for living on your own, have a read of this:–the-pleasures-and-pitfalls-20110711-1h9mk.html

However… over the past few weeks I’ve decided that I won’t live alone again.  I’ve definitely enjoyed it, and I’m glad I’ve had this experience, but I don’t think it’s particularly good for me.  I think I’ve become much more switched off to others.  It’s so easy to forget about everyone else and just focus on your own stuff.  That might be ok for a time, but I’m not sure it’s a great long term endeavour.  I am finding it all too easy to simply forget about others and get really caught up in my own head.  I don’t think it’s very healthy for me actually.  All of a sudden tweeting about Q&A becomes the highlight of the evening.  And if I get a tweet on tv, WHOO!  But there’s no one to celebrate with…

So there is my new revelation, other people keep you grounded and engaged in life in general.  “Der!” I hear you shouting.  Well, yes, obvious stuff, and please don’t shout, it hurts my ears.  I thought I had enough people in my life to do that job, but it turns out that living on your own really does affect your engagement levels.  It’s very easy to lie on my bed all day watching episodes of QI & Would I Lie To You on my iPad.  Very easy.  And whilst there is nothing bad in itself about this, it’s not a great pattern to be stuck in.

The daily things about living with others actually transforms the way you think and interact.  You are constantly thinking about others, even if it’s just minor stuff like someone else wants to come into the bathroom and brush their teeth so I’d better not take half an hour and have a conversation with my toothbrush about the pimple that might be forming on my jawline.

So, my conclusion; no more living on my own, although I’m glad I’ve had the experience.


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