I’ve been thinking about my memories of high school.  Honestly, almost all of them are vague.  I have a few specific ones, but mostly it’s just a haze, most good, some not so brilliant.  This includes my actual educational experience as well as my social life.  Most of my specific memories are socially based.

As a teacher this makes me really sad.  I’m pouring my life into these kids and I’m worried they won’t remember me (Not that it’s about me, I know).  Even my best teachers I only have hazy memories of.  I know others have way better long term memories than me, and much more specific ones, but the thought of these kids that I love not really remembering me in years to come really makes me sad.  I remember lots of my teachers, but not in any great detail.  I certainly don’t remember any specifics of how they affected my life.  I just have general feelings and ideas of how they must have influenced me.

I’m pouring so much of my energy, time and care into my students.  I know the point is that I’m affecting them here and now in their developmental years, and that is vitally important, but it does make me sad to think that they may forget all about me in the years to come.

Ok, I’m done sulking now.


2 Replies to “Memories”

  1. I find that I particularly remember the teachers that were passionate and gave so much of their time and energy for us, or, especially in the senior years, treated us more as equals. One example is my year 11 and 12 physics teacher. The very first class we had with him was on a very hot day, and when we went in to the room he had a jug of iced water and glasses for everyone. A little thing, I know, but it stuck with me. He was just a great teacher all round (there were a lot more reasons why he was so good than just some iced water!).

    Whilst I haven’t seen you “in action” directly, from what I do see and hear from you, I’m sure you’ll be one of the special teachers that your students remember. The notes and cards you’ve posted from your students show that they really do value your input to their lives. I know that everyone remembers things and people differently, but I have no doubt that your students will remember you, and remember you fondly.

    1. That’s very nice of you to say 🙂
      I know that I have an impact on them now, I’m not just sure they’ll really remember me in years to come. Perhaps that more a reflection of my long term memory. I hardly remember anything about any of my teachers. And I had a couple of real stand out ones.

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