No Internet

There was a significant fire not too far from me last week that took out the Telstra phone exchange in Warnambool.

This has meant that landlines have been down since last Wednesday and we have been without the Internet as a result (although my phone works about 80% of the time).

This has been beyond frustrating!  There are so many things I can’t do at school, so many fun things I want to do with my students that we simply can’t do without internet access.  Also, not having the net at home is awful.  I rely on it so much!  From social networking, to researching things for work, to watching endless episodes of “Would I Lie To You” on YouTube.

I am sadly, very addicted to the Internet and I am hating this.

Also, how can such a major corporation not have a contingency plan for events like this?  It’s screwing our schools for endless reasons.  As well as frustrating my actual classroom teaching, we also transferred our reporting system online at the start of the year, which we now can’t access.  They’ve managed to reconnect essential services, like the banks, the hospital and 000 (which was down for a day or so!), but the rest of us are just waiting.

This is definitely a ‘first world problems’ rant I know, but it is very frustrating.


4 Replies to “No Internet”

  1. They do have a contingency plan – bring in a whole heap of satellite-based cell towers, provide Satellite phones to essential services, and people who have diagnosed life threatening cases (which was done within about 24 hours in most cases)………. to have a contingency plan to reconnect an entire exchange in a short time frame is physically impossible. And unfortunately, that’s just the copper-based network that Australia works on.

    And did you see the damage that was done? In all honesty, I’m still amazed they have even been able to get anything back online in the time they have been.

    Heck, even in 20 years time, if an NBN exchange burns to the ground, I would guarantee there’ll be people off the air for just as long. Whilst we live in a world that is cabled (which won’t change for a long time), a small catastrophe like this will always cause a massive impact.

    There is no telecommunication / connectivity service that has 100% uptime ever. If they ever discover it, that person would make a fortune.

    Just food for thought: why is this any different to Black Saturday fires (for example) that took out telecommunications in the area for a long time? Sure, that was a natural disaster that destroyed a lot of comms equipment. But there’s still no word as to what caused this fire, and it very well could have been something completely out of Telstra’s control.

    Just quietly, as a Telstra employee, I’m damn proud of the people who have worked 24/7 for days on end to reconnect services. Most of Australia will never, ever know the efforts that have been put in by techs on the ground in Warnambool, Those guys are incredible. Not to mention, the fact that we were flying hundreds of satellite phones & devices down to Victoria from all over Australia at our own cost within hours of the fire.

    1. It’s interesting to hear your side. I guess I don’t really understand the ins & outs of the techy side. It’s just immensely frustrating not being able to do the things you’re so reliant on.

      1. After saying all that, yeah, I do understand it would be insanely frustrating! I certainly know that I would be equally frustrated if I was in your position 🙂

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