Europe Baby!

3048051719_52b1c760f1It’s almost time!!!  In 2 weeks I’m heading off to Europe for 5 weeks.  I seriously can’t wait!!!  A lot of people seem to do a trip sort of like this in their early 20s, well I’m a bit behind the times it seems.  Having been a student for so long, this is the first time I’ve ever been able to afford to do this.  I’m also glad I’m not 19 doing this trip.  I think I’ll get a lot more out of it now that I’m a bit older.

The plan is to spend about a week in most countries.  I’ll be going to England, France, Italy, Germany, Scotland & Ireland (in that order).

The photo on the right is Paris at Christmas time (where I’ll be spending Christmas day!).  They’re famous for their Christmas lights apparently.  Can’t wait!

Thankfully I’m not going alone.  I wasn’t so excited about that prospect.  Jenny is coming with me, which is brilliant!  She’ll be a great traveling companion, we get on really well and I think we’re both rather easy going and not particularly thingy about sticking to plans.  You know what I mean.  We’ll also be doing bits of the trip with people we both know who are already over there (mostly living in England).  Jenny also has family we can stay with in the south of France, and I have a friend in Germany so that’ll help with some accommodation costs.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Kathryn and seeing where she lives and works.  It’ll be nice to have an idea of what life has been like for her in England.

Venice, italy I can’t wait to spend time traveling around and experiencing other locations and cultures.  I love Australia, but I’m really excited about spending time in other environments.  It’s one thing to see it and read about it, it’ll be quite another to actually be there experiencing it.

I’ll be spending New Year’s in Rome.  Part of me is extremely excited about seeing Italy with all it’s history and architecture, and part of me is preparing to get angry.  The opulence of the churches there is going to infuriate me.  Particularly the Vatican City.  Jesus was homeless and had nothing.  I can’t imagine what he’d say to churches (particularly the Catholics) who hoard money and take great pride in their buildings and ‘stuff’.  I’m getting angry just thinking about it actually…

I’m also looking forward to simply shutting up and listening to Scottish and Irish accents!

And I plan to drink lots of French wine & German beer 🙂



2 Replies to “Europe Baby!”

  1. Oh…I am so envious. Sounds like my dream trip, I have these pictures in my head of wandering down cobbled streets of little Italian or French towns, having morning coffee, watching the world go by and drinking in the atmosphere. I’d make a great personal valet!

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