Royal Commission

I’m a little late to comment on this I know, but here we go:


I feel desperately sad about this.

A Royal Commission is needed to look into child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church.  I know the investigation will be more overarching than that, but this was the catalyst.  There has been consistent sexual abuse for God knows how long (that phrase being quite literal) and now the government has instituted the most forceful investigation available, to sift through the cover ups.

Words cannot do this subject justice.

How did a group of people whose sole purpose is to represent God on earth, become the face of a group covering up the abuse of the most vulnerable?

I have actually weeped over some of the stories about this.

Can you imagine if Jesus came into the world right now?  Remember what he did when people were gambling in the house of God?!  Imagine his reaction to child abuse!  Seriously!  Simply imagine his physical fury!  Picture Jesus and his rightful, righteous anger!  Why are we not acting more forcefully within the church (Catholic or otherwise)!  I am truly angry about what has been going on and covered up in the name of Jesus.

In the name of JESUS!



The Church is meant to be God’s representation on earth.  God tells us in no uncertain terms that he is about the redemption of all, he is about equality and responsibility.  The people of God are responsible for creating change to make things the way he intended them to be (that’s the tattoo I have on my right arm, ask me about it if you like).  God has very clearly given this responsibility to us.

If we don’t work for God’s redemption, we are responsible for what happens.  If we act indifferently to suffering (note I said act, not feel), then whinge about the state of the world, we are idiots!  What do we expect?!  God will just fix it?  That makes us robots.  No one honestly wants that if they think about what it actually means, we’d all become puppets.  God doesn’t intervene and fix our problems because we have free will.  The suffering in the world is a direct result of human choices.  If we choose badly God honours that choice, and we suffer the consequences.  Alternatively, if we choose God’s way, he honours that too and we make positive differences.

Let’s choose better.  In the small things and the bit things.

In terms of church abuse, those people will be held responsible and God’s anger will rightly be poured out on them.  Not only on the perpetrators, but also on those who covered it up.  I also think God will have something to say to those of us who don’t stand back and defend the vulnerable, working to stamp out abuse in God’s house.


6 Replies to “Royal Commission”

  1. Heya Meg (O:

    It wasn’t in the name of Jesus; it was in the name of The Church (insert denomination/abomination here). Jesus wasn’t present during these acts. Men and women of The Church were. Don’t drag Jesus into a fight that he didn’t start, wasn’t a participant in and would never have stood by and condoned. Love, light and peace, Tiga

    1. Of course he wouldn’t condone it. That’s exactly my point. And whilst abusers don’t verbally say they’re doing evil things in the name of Jesus, they are God’s representatives on earth. Everything the clergy do represents God. No wonder so many people turn away from God because of the failures of men. I get desperately sad when people reject God due to the failures of humans, however, it’s an understandable reaction.

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