Day 2

Today was day 2 of my European adventure! Technically yesterday was day 1, but all we did was leave the airport and go to Kathryn’s place.
Jet lag is a horrible thing… We flew from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, then to Dubai, then to London. That all took 28 hours. Ick. We did get to watch lots of movies though.
I slept like the dead last night.
Today after some much needed sleep Jenny (my travel buddy) & I went to Oxford St for some shopping! It was very pretty and all Christmassy! We didn’t buy anything, but window shopping was fun. This photo is on Oxford St.

After lunch in a laneway we took the tube (we take the tube everywhere!) to The Tate (modern art museum). There was heaps of cool stuff there, but there is also a lot of wank posing as art… One of the walls was for people to add their own art using cues on paper. I did this and now have my artwork in a London museum. I will do autographs for £10.

The weather here sucks – as expected. It’s cold and it rains. A lot. Like, almost constantly. I can handle cold, but rain makes it feel miserable. Must remember my umbrella tomorrow!
This is the Thames.

After our first proper day in England I went back to Kathryn’s for dinner and now I’m ready for bed! I’m loving my adventure so far! Although I haven’t managed to bump into anyone from Doctor Who, or David Mitchell. Yet.
More soon!


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