Day 3

Today was another brilliant day. In typical London fashion it rained an awful lot again. We started today at the London Dungeons. It wasn’t half as scary as I’d expected, although they did hang us at the end which was a little terrifying. London history is full of some awful stuff.
No photos were allowed there.
After that we had lunch then headed over to Shakespeare’s Globe. That was incredible! What a stunning building full for amazing history! We got the guided tour which was full of interesting stuff.
Here I am in front of the stage.

Here is the seating in the theatre.

It’d be amazing to see an actual Shakespeare play there, but the season only goes from April til October because of the weather. It’s an open roofed building!
After that we headed back to Oxford St for some shopping and to see the night Christmas lights. Very pretty!

After that we went to Covent Gardens where we met up with 3 of our Australian friends (and Jenny’s brother) and all had dinner in a pub. It was great to see everyone! We all went to school together.
Now I’m ready for bed.


2 Replies to “Day 3”

  1. Ooh…I’m very envious, even if the weather is miserable. Maybe you’ll get some proper winter weather and it’ll snow. At least that would make a northern hemisphere Christmas worth it.

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