Day 4

Quick post.
Spent the morning at Buckingham Palace. Saw the changing of the guards. Sort of. Couldn’t really see because there were too many people. Stunning building though. Impressive marching band too!

Then off to Hyde Park to ‘winter wonderland’, the winter markets. There were lots of rides and fantastic stalls. I adored this place. We went on the massive Ferris wheel and got fantastic views of London. We also drank hot mulled cider on a moving carousel bar. So amazing! I have a new favourite drink!

Then we went to the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben. Little did we know it closed at 3pm and we arrived at 3:30pm. So disappointing. I’m going to do a tour when I get back to London before I leave though. Given my predilection for politics it’s a must see for me!

The same happened at Westminster Abbey. We got there at 3:45pm and it closed at 3:30pm. I’ll have to do a tour of that when I’m back next month too. I didn’t realise how giant it is! It didn’t all fit in a photo, note even close.

After that we headed to Trafalgar Square. Very pretty. It’s where the national gallery is. Then we sat down to have a cuppa because our feet were KILLING US! We’ve done so much walking, our feet are beginning to protest.

Well it’s 8am on Saturday here and we’re off to Paris today! We’ll be there til the 27th now. I’m not sure how much Internet access I’ll have there so I may not be posting so much.
Today I’m off to the Camden markets before catching the train at 5:30pm.
I am LOVING this adventure!


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