Days 5&6

Yesterday we had an easy morning then spent a few hours at the Camden markets (biggest markets in London). They were amazing! I think I could have blown my entire budget at those markets!

After a drink at a lovely English pub we boarded our train for Paris! Arriving in Paris was a fairly big shock. Firstly neither of us speak the language (except for a few words/phrases), so it was hard to navigate our way around. But more than that people were just so mean to us! The woman who worked at the information desk, at an international train station, was beyond rude to us. After many wrong turns (with all our luggage) we finally found the hotel and met up with Kathryn & Ingrid. We’ve got a really nice hotel near the Eiffel Tower. Amazing! Here is the view from our room on the 17th floor.

Today we went to the moulin rouge, which was actually rather disappointing. Nice to see a landmark though.

Then we just wandered the Paris streets through Montmartre towards Sacrè Cœur. The little cobblestone streets were amazing! The whole place was just such a joy to be in. And it didn’t rain!!! We shopped and ate and drank and listened to the beautiful French language. Bliss.

I also had my first Parisian wine! Yummo!

Sacrè Cœur was a stunning church. There was a mass going on when we were there which was weird. Tourists were (silently) wandering around while a church service was going on. Here is the building, well, here is the main entrance.

Here is the view looking out from the entrance. Sacrè Cœur is up on a hill and we had to walk up a million steps to get there.

After that we headed to the Arc de Triomphe. We thought we walked up lots of steps before! That was nothing! Sooooooooooooo many steps up this thing (we walked up a narrow winding stairway all the way to the very top)! There were stunning views to make up for that though.

Views from the top:


It’s been an amazing first day in France. And people were much nicer to us today! Tomorrow we’re going to the Lourve! I can’t wait!


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