Day 7

Merry Christmas!
It’s early morning here and I can’t sleep, so I’m blogging. All my friends are still asleep. We’ve had such a brilliant time! Kathryn, Ingrid, Jenny & I all arrived here in Paris on the 22nd, and Marc (Jenny’s brother) arrived yesterday. We spent most of yesterday at the louvre! That’s one of the places that has always been on my bucket list. It was truly amazing! Not only was the art unbelievable, but the building itself was phenomenal!


We were there for about 5.5 hours and we did not get to everything. I knew it was big, but wow is it big! We had to see Mona Lisa of course. Everyone always says how tiny it is, so we expected it to be smaller. Amazing to see it in real life.

The napoleon apartments were incredible! Talk about opulent!


I got to see real life Monet paintings!!!! Monet is my favourite artist! I stood and stared at them for ages.

After the louvre we went back to the hotel for a little while, then out to a French restaurant for dinner. Marc & Kathryn had snails, and most of us had the French onion soup, which was sooooooo good! I’m also enjoying the French wine šŸ™‚


Then it was time for the Eiffel Tower. At night you can see the city all lit up! We caught the lift all the way up to the very top. What views!

The Eiffel Tower is much bigger in real life than I expected.



Now it’s Christmas Day. We’re going to have a lazy breakfast of French pastries (we’ve been going to a French bakery for breakfast, where I’ve been ordering in French) which will turn into a lazy lunch of soup and crusty French bread, then we’re off on a cruise down the seine river. After that we’ll come back to the hotel and I’ll cook everyone Christmas dinner. This has been an incredible Christmas!

God bless you all xx I am blessed indeed!


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