Day 8 – Christmas

Christmas was wonderful! We slept in, had a breakfast of French pastries (again), then wandered down to the seine river for a 1 hour sight seeing cruise. It was nice to see Paris from a slightly different perspective. Here are some photos from the cruise.




After the cruise we went back to our hotel and swapped presents. I got lots of awesome stuff! After presents we had soup and crusty French bread for lunch, then played cards for a while.
I cooked Christmas dinner for us in our tiny kitchenette (which was a bit tricky), so I put people to work chopping things while I tried to get stuff cooked at roughly the same time without an oven and with limited stove top space. We had an assortment of foods and it tasted pretty good. Phew!
After dinner we went to the Korean French karaoke bar across the street. That was a very confusing experience, but fun anyway!
All in all Christmas in Paris has been wonderful!
I’m about to head off to the Palace of Versailles. It’s meant to be stunning.
Tomorrow we head to the south of France for a few days, then across to Rome on December 31.


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